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Model No :PLR

* ZW74-PLR0010: 64 knives spiral cutterheads available for 10" Combined Machine C2-260, C3-260, C5-260, C5-260H

* ZW74-PLR0012: 78 knives spiral cutterheads available for 12" Combined Machine C2-310, C2-310Q, C3-310, C3-310Q, C5-310Q, C5-310H

* ZW74-PLR0016: 104 knives sprial cutterhead available for 16" Combined Machine C2-410Q, C3-410Q, C5-410HD

Main Features:

These true helical spiral cutterheads with radius edge reversible knives cuts smoother and quieter than those with straight edge reversible knives, not to mention the cutterheads with one length straight blades. The helical spiral cutterheads produce smooth surfaces even on the toughest of woods. The

unbelievable shear cutting not only greatly reduces the tearout of wood, but also is extremely quiet.

The cutterheads produce smaller chips and dust collection is much easier.

If one edge of the inserts is broken or dull, you untigten the screw, turn the edge to another egde, tighten it to the seat. The cutterheads work as a new one again, which greatly saves the down time. Replace only the inserts when all four edges are dull or damage.

The short length knives also greatly break up cutting forces and the cutterheads require less horsepower

of the machines.

* Suggest to assemble the sprial cutterhead on the machine in factroy directly as some adjustments needed after assembling.


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