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This wall mounted extractor is perfectly suited to small workshops, woodturners or for connection to a stand-alone machine. It is especially suited to situations where floor space is at a premium. Well constructed and efficient, it's fitted with a 1 micron rated cartridge filter. The filter has a crank handle operating a paddle to keep the interior clean, use this periodically to maintain filter efficiency. 

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01)  Motor: 750W, TEFC

02)  Fan diameter: 230mm

03)  Inlet diameter: 100mm

04)  Number of intake holes: 1 x 100

05)  Air speed 50Hz: 375M3/h

06)   Bag diameter: 340 mm

07)  Bag height: 908 mm

08)  Cartridge filtration area:1.73m3

09)  Cartridge filtration rate(micro):1

10)   Overall size:1645x450x510mm

11)   Packing size: 440x415x420mm;440x390x390mm 

10)  N/G weight: 19/21kg;6/7kgs

11)  20-foot container: 175 units

* CF-FM230M CARTRIGE FILTER+PLASTIC BAG FOR FM230M as optional accessory

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