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7pc Universal Barrel Trimming System: Steel Cutter
Main Features

1. This pen trimming system for anyone who loves woodwork and wants to create beautifulpens.

2. The Pen Mill Set is providing the perfect solution for squaring pen blank and shafts to ensure gapfree mating surfaces for pen kit parts.

3. Cutting shafts will mount into a drill chuck or lathe chuck, the shaft will clean and remove any excess glue from the tubes. Cleanly remove excess glue from your turned pen tube and blank.

4. Made from high-quality stainless steel, this 7-piece set includes 3/4 inch cutting head, 6.2mm, 7.2mm, 3/8inch, and 9mm cutter shafts, as well as an adaptor sleeve and key wrench for easy use.

5. Use it with a drill press, hand drill, or your own shop-made handle to achieve accurate and precise results making it perfect for hobbyists and professionals alike.

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7pc Universal Barrel Trimming System

An essential step for making a quality pen project is to square the end of your pen blanks and pen tubes prior to final pen kit assembly. Our system includes cutting shafts that will fit into a drill chuck or lathe chuck the shaft will clean the glue from the tubes and act as a pilot for the 3/4" squaring cutter. 

This complete system includes: 6.2mm, 7.2mm, 8.6mm and 9mm pilot shafts 3/4" squaring cutter , 3mm L  wrench and instructions Sleeve adapter.

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