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DT7925 downdraft table
Main Features
* Two levels filter G4 and H13.
* Independent control of the two suction fans.
* Large amount of air flow from each left and right air intake.
* Wood dust could be guided to the collection tray owing to the filter material perpendicular to the table and the splitter on the top of the fans .  
* Dust collection tray could be easily slid out for emptying.
* Three height-adjustable, retractable and quick-disassembled baffles. 
* Enhanced sheet metal's strengthening and six feet for forklift use
* Large working table area 2010X580mm.

Description Video Documents

01)   Motor: 2X1.5HP
02)   Motor speed: 1400RPM
03)   Air flow: 7200m3/H (2X3600m3/H)
04)   Filter level: G4+H13
05)   Filter particles: 0.3um
06)   Filter efficiency: 99.97%
07)   Working table size: 2010X580mm  
08)   Height of working table: 830mm
09)   Machine size: 2080X735X930mm
10)   Net weight: 183KG
11)   Packing size: 2070X715X950mm

12)   Qty/20GP: 16PCS 

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