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01)   Edgeband  type: PVC,Veneer,Mealmine paper

02)   Edgeband  thickness: 0.3-3mm

03)   Min. radius for curved edge: 20mm

04)   Workpiece thickness: 10-55mm

05)   Workpiece conveyor speed: ≤6m/min

06)   Hot melt adhesive type: low 、intermediate temperate hot melt adhesive

07)   Working  temperature: 120-180℃

08)   Galvanothermy tube  power: 625W(3×75W,4×100W)

09)   Motor  power: 20W

10)   Total power: 645W

11)   Machine weight: 8.5KG

12)   Packed weight: 13KG

13)   Machine outline dimension: 330×335×395mm

14)   Package size: 380×350×405mm

* Portable woodworking sealing side machine has the following advantages: compact, lightweight, high quality.

* Portable woodworking sealing side machine can be arbitrary conversion workplace, arrived on scene construction decoration construction site, suit a family to decorate, medium and small furniture factory use.

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